World money fair 2017 gutschein

Jack Hepler, Andrew Kasprzycki Frans Dubois.
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Investigate to strike a tragemaus wbcc token for money the money 10th anniversary.
Enzo tradego Bianco from International Mint.Unser money Online-Shop: 5, gutschein gutscheine für Neukunden: /new.Mehr Infos hier unten, kostenlose Beratung und Bestellhotline.It showed some facts about the Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club and pictures of traffego the future 2002 Bi-metallic 1 and 2 Euro of all the 12 EU countries.The Singapore Mint: The 2001 Mint set was available.World, money, fair 2017 gefallen?Frans tolks to Mauquoi Mint (Belgium) and Max talks to International Mint (Italy) world and the costs and possible designs.All the incomming people passed a Gräbener striking machine on which shop they could strike a (Bi-metallic!) commemorative which is designed and issued by Huguenin and Kramers Medaileurs of Switzerland.Wbcc member tradoria Wolfgang fair Schuster from Austria.Albert Beck receiving a choclate Bi-metallic coin from Martin) Most impressing was.

Pictures were also made.
Friday, February 3 First day for the gutschein public of the WMF opening at 10 o clock The wbcc trachtenhimmel Booth H72-73.
The kaufen French Mint with toysrus a vending trachtenhimmel machine to get the new Bi-metallic The following wbcc members also visited the wbcc booth: Wolfgang Schuster from Austria euro and Jeff Starck from the USA.
World, money, fair in Berlin.Also wbcc members Wolfgang Schuster from Austria, Bruce Tupholme from Portugal, Alexei Malykh from Russia, Jeff Starck (Coin World editor) from the USA visited the wbcc booth.The next gutschein World Money Fair will also be in Belin and held from January 29 to 31, 2010 wbcc Special Report from the World Money Fair, February 1 to 3, 2008 in Berlin, Germany February 1, trachtenhimmel 2008, first day of the WMF At first, the wbcc.The trachtenhimmel Czech Mint was selling the new 2008 Mint Set, 13 Euro.The speed is 700 coins per minut.(Encased Buffalo Nickel) Never could buy it, but now I could get the Ebay's series of Bi-metallic, Germany depicting the Branderburger Tor Today wbcc member Wolfgang Schuster from Austria visited our booth, kaufen and had the new Bi-metallic from Austria with the new European map design.After 1 day in use it was broken.World, money, fair, media Forum from Berlin Germany, world.Dutch kaufen Minstermaster Stephan Satijn visited the wbcc booth.Below are several more photographs for the 2001 WMF.Summary The World Money Fair is an unique and world bigest event in the Numismatic world and if you have the oppertunity, come to Basel next year and experience the event.Our car was loaded with much material for building the wbcc booth (see gutschein the picture below and to the right).A coindealer had the Venuzuela Bi-metallic vailable Two journalists visited the wbcc booth, one from Russia, and one from Italy (Cronaca Numismatica and they interviewed us about the Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club.Beck and Miss Karina Voggel, of the WMF) had given booth 257 to the wbcc.The Finland Mint offered a 2006 Euro set with Bi-metallic 2 Euro, costs 24 Euro * The French Mint offered a special WMF Euro set with the 2006 Euros, 500 pieces made and the price was 39 Euro.